Grease Trap Pumping 



Sewer-Tech uses dedicated trucks to service grease traps. In addition to pumping a grease trap, Sewer-Tech inspects traps for obvious damage and cleans the trap properly as needed and removes any remaining grease or solids from the trap. Upon notification of completion of service, the owner / manager will receive a copy of the signed service ticket/manifest and any report of obvious damage or impediments to the operation of the trap will be given to the owner or manager on duty. Any reports of obvious damage or problems with the trap will, upon request, be sent to the customer’s corporate office along with a copy of the related service ticket.pump

Avoid Spills – Pump Regularly 

  • Complete pumping of grease trap/interceptor
  • Scraping of grease trap/interceptor interior walls
  • Written inspection of overall condition and percentage of contends in grease trap/interceptor
  • Power wash and odor treatment provided on request